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It’s quick, easy and free to sign up for our service and there’s no obligation to make a transfer.

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Log in and check the cost of your payment before you make your transfer.

Stay organised with your online account

If you’re new to our service, your online account will walk you through the next steps. You can also create a library of recipients to make your transfers even easier, review a full history of all your transfers, and access a summary of all the payments that you, and we, have made.

Choose how to pay

Online, you can pay with a credit or debit card up to £70,000 and via bank transfer up to £100,000.

You can also set up an international payments over the phone. You can only pay via bank transfer over the phone, and the minimum amount is £10,000.

Send money to recipients worldwide

Make online transfers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Automatic email and SMS alerts  will keep you up to date with your payment.

Need more help

Our dedicated Customer Services team are available to help you through the process of making a transfer.

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How do I make an international payment?

Once you’ve registered with us, it’s easy to pay bills or move money to your overseas account or to friends and family abroad.

  1. Confirm your transaction details: Tell us the amount you’re paying, the currencies you’re transferring and your recipient’s bank account details. We’ll provide an estimate and confirm the first available payment date for your currency.
  2. Make a payment: Select how you would like to pay, with a credit or debit card or via bank transfer, and then confirm the exchange rate and total cost. .
  3. Completing the transfer: Once we have your funds, we'll send them on in your chosen currency. Please allow up to four working days for your payment to reach your recipient.

Find out more on our FAQs page.

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